Catania radiofrequency accessories

  • Various product

    The consolidated and entrenched long experience in radio frequency equipment diagnosis and maintenance, allows Semiparts to offer the buyer advanced and innovative solutions in the field of radiofrequency accessories in Catania. It is widely used in industry components. The Sicilian company offers a rich, varied and diverse range of opportunities and a high level of quality certificate for all matters regarding:

    • Coaxial cables
    • Adapters and splitters
    • Microwave Parts
    • Measurement and diagnostic equipment
    • Custom solutions
    • Accessories 
    • Dummy load DC, RF, MW

    The company that operates for years, with profit and success, in the market of support and maintenance of radiofrequency equipment, is able to maintain the highest level of efficiency and effectiveness. The products supplied and spare parts used for maintenance activities are all from the world's largest manufacturers and the most prestigious brands in the industry.

  • Various products

    The specificity and flexibility of the products supplied, allows to the Sicilian society to have a large catchment area and a high scope.

    Coaxial cables, adapters and splitters, in particular, are suitable for various applications, due to programs related to radio frequency equipment, and an articulated sphere of digital and analog applications. Semiparts is specialized in the sale and supply of radiofrequency accessories in Catania and it has a wide range of original and compatible spare parts for microwave and sophisticated new devices for measurement and diagnostics on- line and off -line.

    The continuous and constant interest towards the development of technology and innovation, enables the company to provide important solutions to customers and strategic business leading to the opening of new scenarios and new market prospects.