Catania technical assistance electronic boards

  • Welding

    The Sicilian company provides and guarantees excellent technical service and technical assistance on a broad range of Chiller spare parts, microwave generators, RF match, Ups-Ups-high voltage and low voltage. Moreover Semiparts is specialized in technical support on electronic cards in Catania. The support services related to a broad range of electronic boards, ranging from control of electric motors for microscopes with high resolution of prestige brands such as Nikon and Leica, to power boards. Technical

    support and technical assistance provided are of high professional qualification and excellence. A broad portfolio of international suppliers and an highly trained staff, composed of six competent resources constantly updated, ensures performance of a high standard and performing interventions both for maintenance of ordinary or extraordinary operations, as for repairs the company and offers timely solutions, rapid, focused and advanced from a technological point of view.

  • Fuse

    Semiparts, who has been working in the field of technical support and technical assistance on particular components of electronic cards in Catania, in fact, is able to provide efficient and effective solutions in the field of resolution of issues and problems related to the maintenance and prior of the apparatuses forming the production facilities.

    The company has a large selection of services and various mechanical and electrical components. Its highly specialized in the field of repairs in industry and semiconductors make it a reference point for many small and medium-sized enterprises. The rooted and continuous collaborations with international partners allow to Semiparts to ensure swift and effective service at all times, and even in cases of utmost urgency and criticality.