Repair of radio frequency generators

  • RF generator repair services

    The company proposes technical articulated offer that enables it to to have a vast and diverse catchment area, and to operate with a wide scope. The company performs repair and maintenance of various types of generators and chillers in Catania.

    Semiparts works especially in the area of repair of radio frequency generators and his staff of professionals, thanks to a high level of training and competences standard can follow and treat all stages of the process. Since the generator is entrusted at our laboratories, until it is not re-installed on the final user's device, the repair process is followed scrupulously and meticulously.

  • RFG generator

    The technology of last generation and a significant investment on the quality of human resources allow Semiparts to ensure high levels of efficiency and effectiveness at all stages, starting from the first cognitive assessment for laying. With these capabilities and features, the repair service of radio frequency generators in Catania, is impeccable. Technically, the procedure includes a first step in which, through a test is made a diagnosis, that verifies the problem to be compared with the assessment and the staff observations. Then they repair, using original and certificates components, check and calibrate.

    After there is the testing phase, usually called burning test, to verify if the repair has produced the desired results and to address any anomalies that may have occurred during the process. Once the repair process is finished, the element can be re-installed on the original equipment for the installation of machinery or equipment.