Ion implanters parts: Semiparts

  • Semiconductors

    Semiparts offers guaranteed ion implanters spare parts in Catania area and nearby. The spare parts are of high quality standard.

    Semiparts operates successfully and profitably in the field of ion implanters parts in Catania. A scrupolous and meticolous attention to suppliers, a constant research and an in-depth evaluation of the real and concrete needs of customers, offer to the company, the possibility to play an important role as second sourcing for the supply and delivery spare parts of ion implanters of the most trustworthy multinationals.

    The main purpose of the company is to secure timely delivery conditions, affordable and efficient. The main objective is to provide products of high quality standard, certified, guaranteed, with efficiency levels required by the sector at competitive prices and highly competitive. The wide assortment of spare parts allows the company to satisfy any request concerning the maintenance of the main components that make up an ion implantation.

  • Capacitors

    The main components of a plant for ion implantation range from the ion source to the extraction system, from the magnetic mass analyzer to the acceleration pipe, from the system for focusing the scanning system to the final station. Semiparts mainly supplies companies and small / medium businesses ion implanters of spare parts in the Catania area.

    Thanks to close relations, established and rooted, with leading multinationals, the company provides excellent products all characterized by high density, by a wide power margin and by a demonstrated stability. The high reliability of certified spare parts, original and guaranteed is an excellent quality assurance of technical devices suitable to be used in critical applications. With a highly trained and professionalized staff, constantly updated and advanced technologies and avant- garde, the Sicilian company is able to ensure even counseling, support and assistance on the supplied devices.