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    Semiparts is specialized in the sale and supply of spare parts and industrial equipment in the Catania area. The Sicilian company is searching for valid and reliable alternatives to offer spare parts involved in industrial automation activities. The innovative and unique technology guaranteed in the market by the company make Semiparts a great company in the world of provision of sophisticated mechanisms. The products offered, all of famous brands, certified and guaranteed, are central parts for electronic and mechanical systems in various sectors of industry.

    Semiparts offers a wide and diverse range of spare parts industrial equipment in Catania, including: Gears, Cable holder chains, Linear axes, Carriage, Special bearings, Flexible couplings, Coupling joints, Recirculating ball screws, Straps for the Transmission of motion, Flexible cables, Up-grade, Custom solutions

  • Industrial spare parts

    The wide range of specific and heterogeneous products allows the company to be a reference point in the world of supply of spare parts involved in industrial automation. Semiparts bases its activities on two pillars: the quality of products and the technological knowledge. The established relationships with major multinational companies and know-how acquired through years of experience, make the company a steady reference for all companies who are looking for reliability.

    Semiparts wants to provide, through the first-class components in the world, quality and reliability to the technological development processes and in the productive sector level. However, through advanced technological equipment and a highly trained staff, the company reproduces and rebuilds mechanical parts in metallic materials and specific technical materials according to the scope.