Catania electronic parts

  • electronics components

    Semiparts has an extensive and proven experience in the supply and distribution of electronic components market in Catania. The perfect know-how acquired over the years and the constant dedication, enable the company to be highly accredited and to play a leading role among competitors. The high quality and certification of the company, resulting in a robust solidity that marks the collaboration with suppliers and customers, allowing it to have a well-established and important position in the product market.

    Semiparts deals with active and passive electronic components, electromechanical and instruments for industrial products. Rooted and established partnership with national and international companies, due to decades of experience in the field of components, allows Semiparts to propose itself to firms with dynamism and agility, ensuring technologically innovative solutions. The Sicilian company aims to meet customers' demand, continuously improving the quality of products and services. The ethics of responsibility, seriousness and high qualifications that distinguish the company also ensures a tight schedule in the supply of products and consequently in providing electronic components in the Catania area.

  • Electronics components

    The great market placement enables the company to guarantee speedy and timeliness availability even of the most famous items, but difficult to find.
    We have a wide range of electronic components such as:

    • flash memory
    • static -RAM
    • dynamics-ram
    • filters
    • inductors
    • quartz
    • resistors
    • capacitors
    • terminal blocks
    • magnets
    • cables
    • bases
    • relays

    The experience and the total reliability of the company allow it to be reliable with buyers that consider for years Semiparts an accredited supplier, serious and transparent