Catania Service testing

  • Tester

    The Semipart’s multidisciplinary allows the company to assure a broad diversification of the proposal and a wide diversification of services. It guarantees to small and medium-sized enterprises, operators of the hospital sector and consumator, a qualified and certified testing service in Catania. The scope is so heterogeneous and covers the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM). The laboratories have sophisticated equipment and advanced technology, regularly calibrated, used to certify the different data.

    The company makes available to clients all the experience and resources to test the devices, from the mechanical point of view, electrical and electromagnetic. Semiparts staff is able to perform tests and measurements with the main international standards. Qualified technicians and the advanced equipment, enabling a great service testing in Catania and, therefore, represent an accredited support for many companies in accessing markets.

  • Cables tester

    The company, which also has the ISO 9000 certification, gives evidence to buyers of its credibility and is an efficient support for the search of possible technical solutions. The tests carried out by specialized laboratories allow it to perform specific and timely assessments of technical problems and the status of compliance of the machines, devices and equipment in the industrial and medical field.

    The customer is direclty involved in service testing to be crucial in the case of negative tests. The optimization of working times and production processes is in fact one of the objectives pursued by the company to provide customers with qualified support, efficient response and reliable, qualified and secure.