Catania company service point: Semiparts

  • Electrical system

    Semiparts is the ideal company for who want to safely manage the assistance activities, technical support and maintenance of equipment and systems, as a reference service point companies in Catania. To assist customers in their emergencies, to solve the downtimes or other technical problems, the company organized a department to maximize every aspect, carefully choosing a team of engineers and experienced operators.

    Semiparts can enable custom solutions or contracts depending on the needs of customers or periodicals and planned interventions. We can assist the customer for the start-up of a new machine tool, for a certain time, or restore the long-inactive machines. The solutions are: the preventive and scheduled maintenance, retrofit of the electrical system with the schema design, the mechanical revision, and the recovery of the machine accurancy.

  • Eletricity grid

    Semiparts has consolidated itself as service point in Catania, because it provides also technical assistance to hospitals. This activity, carried out in the laboratory or at the customer is the routine and preventive maintenance, carried out according to manufacturer's specifications, the electrical safety checks, general or particular, according to current regulations, the management of medical equipment, environmental controls, audits and tests, the transfer of medical equipment and reconditioning of used equipment.

    The technicians are highly qualified and specialized in the repair and maintenance of various portable or fixed devices. Every day we work at patient monitors, pressure monitors, non- invasive monitoring, defibrillators, ECG, and much more. It's the company that have to to take charge and ensure quick repair of the medical device. The technicians are able to perform the highest level of repairs and have an adequate spare parts inventory based on the average of their interventions. This ensures an always rapid action with final mutual satisfaction.