Catania Chiller parts

  • chiller spare parts

    Semiparts is specialised in selling chiller parts in Catania and in their maintenance. They are water chillers in compression and, according to the fluid used for cooling the condenser, they can be divided into two categories: air-cooled (commonly said air / water) or water (water / water). A chiller, as well as for the cooling fluid, is also based on the number of refrigerant circuits and on the number of compressor per circuit.

    The chiller parts come from US manufacturing Lydall, a leading manufacturer of industrial filter and other technical materials. In particular, the interest includes filtering solutions for air, fluid power, and industrial applications (filtering), the air and the liquid of the life sciences applications (Life Sciences Filtration), as well as the solutions for thermal insulation for construction products, appliances, and energy on the industrial markets (thermal insulation).

  • chiller spare parts

    Today, the company is able to provide the necessary and specialized technical support for repair and provision of spare parts.
    The customer service provided includes:

    • refills of any type of refrigerant
    • cleaning in nitrogen of the refrigerating circuit
    • refrigerant refills of equipment in clean-room, using a recovery unit so as not to disperse refrigerant to the environment and gas leak detection on refrigeration circuit through Halogen Detector.

    The company also provides an after-sales support service.