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    The Semiparts of Catania was founded in 1999 and has quickly established itself on its market dynamics as well as its deep technical specialization.

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    Technology and quality for innovative services

    The Semiparts, founded in 1999 is a dynamic and young reality operating in the industrial sector and, in particular, in maintaining production facilities in Catania . The goal is to offer customers fast and technologically advanced solutions to solve any problem related to routine preventive maintenance and extraordinary maintenance of technical facilities and equipment dedicated to the production. The company is able to provide, thanks to its solid years of experience, methodologies and highly competitive technical in collaboration with international partners. High technical standards and reduced lead time allow us to offer a fast, efficient and competitive service. The company production plant in Catania maintenance is also specialized in offering repair services and assistance, as well as in the sale of:

    • RF Generators
    • RF Match
    • Diagnostic tools for RF and consumable
    • DC generators and inverters
    • Vacuum Pumps, consumable and diagnostic tools for vacuum
    • Chillers, heat exchangers, temperature controllers, hydraulic pumps 
    • Parts mechanics, linear guides, bearings, components for automation 
    • Electromechanical spare parts
    • Electronic Parts
    • Brokers and parts Bank
  • Chiller laboratory

    Assistance and spare parts sales Chiller

    Since 2005 the Catanian company has invested Notable Resources in specialist and technical training, ensuring specific assistance in chiller parts sector, ie Liquid Chilling compression, providing a unique service in the Sicilian territory. Today they are Able to provide technical support, beyond that for the Maintenance Production facilities in Catania, also for supply of spare parts. They guarantee any technical support and supply of spare parts, refills of any type of refrigerant, cleaning in nitrogen of the refrigeration circuit, the refrigerant refills of equipment situate in clean-room, ensuring the repaired product at the user's seat. The tools used in the laboratories specialized are periodically calibrated and are able to certify data from the ports I / O. The Semiparts is national Lydall distributor, a US manufacturing company known for the production of industrial filters.

    Impeccable production processes

    The optimization of the production processes of Semiparts, maintenance production plant in Catania, the handling of Instruments, the constant updating of the personnel, make it possible to support the customer ensuring reduced machining times, reduction of down-time and and of overall production costs. All products under maintenance at the company's laboratories are treated according to the needs and requirements of the customer. The repair of all instruments, also takes place through the use of latest generation equipment and original spare parts ensures a truly efficient and reliable service even in delivery. The company also constantly collaborates with international partners and is able to offer a fast and efficient service at all times.

    Parts Sale

    The company Semiparts pursues the path of innovation, not only for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance and sales of replacement products, but also in the manner of delivery of its products. On the site, in fact, you can buy and book the products and spare parts needed in order to receive them at its industrial and manufacturing complex in quick and certain times. Visit the dedicated section and discover what is necessary to restore the current system failure or disused.



95121 - Catania (CT) Sicilia
Via Alfredo Agosta, snc - Contrada Torre Allegra Z.I.,
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Telephone: 0957357238
VAT number: 03624240879
Responsible for processing data: Ramuglia Gaetano Giuseppe
Email: gaetano.ramuglia@semiparts.it

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